Structural safety – Stability, and Mechanical Demolition

Excavation - Sheeting, Shoring and Bracing

BC 1704.19

1704.19 Structural safety during construction operations. Construction work consisting of structural alterations, excava­tion, underpinning, and demolition work that requires “design” as defined in Chapter 33, including earth shoring, underpinning, protection of adjacent structures and buildings, shall be subject to special inspection in accordance with this section. All alterations to existing structures in which loads are trans­ferred from one structural system of structural elements to another, such as installation of columns or girders, replacement of existing bearing walls, the creation of openings or slots in existing walls, girders or floors, alteration of arches, rigid frames, trusses in frame buildings, or where the stability or integrity of a structural system is to be temporarily diminished shall be subject to special inspections in accordance with this section.

Exception: Construction operations not requiring “design” as defined in Chapter 33.