Fuel-Oil Storage and Fuel-Oil Piping Systems

Fuel-Oil Storage and Fuel-Oil Piping Systems

BC 1704.16

1704.16 Special inspection for fuel storage and fuel-piping

systems. Fuel-oil storage equipment, including tanks, pumps,valves,‡ transfer, return, fill and vent piping, hangers and brac­ing, fill and vent terminals, and related systems regulated by Section 1308 of the New York City Mechanical Code, shall be inspected for conformance with the approved construction documents and the manufacturers’ installation standards. Test­ing of fuel storage tanks and piping shall be performed in accordance with Section 1308.1 of the New York City Mechanical Code.


  • 1. Testing for listed fuel oil storage tanks 660 gallons (2498 L) or less in capacity, supplied with a label or manufacturer’s certification attesting that the tank was factory tested to a testing standard indicated in Section 1308.1 of the New York City Mechanical Code
  • 2. Systems and equipment exempt from service equip­ment certificate of compliance in accordance with Section 28-116.4.1 of the Administrative Code.

Special Inspection: Fuel- Oil Storage and Fuel-Oil Piping Systems
Code Section(s): BC 1704.16
Minimum Qualifications: Primary Inspector or Inspection Supervisor. 
a. PE or RA; and 1 year relevant experience
b. Licenced New York City Class A and B Oil Burner Equipment Installer; and 1 year experience in the inspection of heating systems, Fuel burning- Fuel storage systems
Supplemental Inspector (Alternative 1),
a. Bachelors degree in Architecture. or Mechanical, Marine or Civil Engineering; and
b. 3 years relevant experience
Supplemental Inspector (Alternative 2)
a. Technician with ICC Certification as a residential or Commercial Mechanical Inspector; and
b. 5 years relevant experience