Structural Cold-formed Steel

Structural Cold-formed Steel

BC 1704.3.

1704.3 Steel construction. The special inspections for steel elements of buildings and structures shall be as required by Section 1704.3 and Table 1704.3. Where required, special inspection of steel shall also comply with Section 1715.


  • Special inspection of the steel fabrication process shall not be required where the fabricator does not perform any welding, thermal cutting or heating oper­ation of any kind as part of the fabrication process. In such cases, the fabricator shall be required to submit a detailed procedure for material control that demon­strates the fabricator’s ability to maintain suitable records and procedures such that, at any time during the fabrication process, the material specification, grade and mill test reports for the main stress-carrying elements are capable of being determined.
  • The special inspector need not be continuously pres­ent during welding of the following items, provided the materials, welding procedures and qualifications of welders are verified prior to the start of the work; periodic inspections are made of the work in progress and a visual inspection of all welds is made prior to completion or prior to shipment of shop welding.
    • Single-pass fillet welds not exceeding 5/16 inch (7.9mm) in size.
    • Floor and roof deck welding.
Special Inspection: Structural Cold-formed Steel
Code Section(s): BC 1704.3.2.4
Minimum Qualifications: Primary Inspector or Inspection Supervisor. 
a. PE or RA; and
b. 1 year relevant experience
Supplemental Inspector (Alternative 1),
a. Bachelor’s degree in engineering or architecture; and
b. 2 year relevant experience
Supplemental Inspector (Alternative 2)
a. Technician with ICC Certification as a Structural Steel and Bolting Special Inspector; and
b. 3 years relevant experience

Inspection Task: Inspection Interval (Continuous/Peri odic) NYC Construction Code Reference Section Reference Standard (e.g. ASTM X1234) Baseline Document (Approved plans, Shop Drawings, Manufacturer’s Instructions, etc.) Comments (e.g. needs test performed by Approved Testing Agency)
1. Manufacturing & delivery- Material verification of structural steel and Fabrication & Erection “Un-scheduled” 1704.2



ANSI/AISI-NASPEC “Approved Construction Documents” (cold-formed steel design drawings) specifying the ASTM standards. Manufacturer’s instructions  Manufacturer’s certified mill test reports required. Fabricator’s Certificate of Compliance.

The special inspector shall check for compliance with the requirements of Section 2209.1.3 “Fabrication and Erection”

2. Material and Test Standards “Un-scheduled” 1704.3


“Approved Construction Documents” (cold-formed steel design drawings) Where required, special inspection of steel shall also comply with Section 1715- Material and Test Standards (Joist Hangers)
3. Material Verification of weld filler materials “Un-scheduled” AISC, ASD Section A3.6 AISC, LRFD, Section A3.5 “Approved Construction Documents” (cold-formed steel design drawings) Manufacturer’s certificate of compliance required
4. Welding Inspection Periodic 1703.3.1 AWS D1.1 NY BC 1704.3- Exception No. 1 and 2
5. Inspection of steel frame joint details for compliance with approved construction documents Periodic 1704.3.2 “Approved Construction Documents” (cold-formed steel design drawings) Periodic inspection of all field connections
6. Temporary bracing, shoring, jacks, etc., shall not be removed until the special inspector determines that they are no longer needed One- time (periodic) 1704.3.4.2 “Approved Construction Documents” (cold-formed steel design drawings) Special Inspector’s approval required