Firestop, Draftstop, and Fireblock Systems

Firestop, Draftstop, and Fireblock Systems


1704.25 Through-penetration firestop systems, concealed draftstop and fireblock systems. All through-penetration firestopping, draftstopping and fireblocking shall be subject to periodic special inspection prior to concealment to determine compliance with the approved construction documents. Listed systems shall be inspected for compliance with their listing.

Exception: Through-penetration firestop systems may be inspected in accordance with ASTM E 2174-04 when authorized by the registered design professional of record and when the contractor applies the procedures established in that standard.

Special Inspection: Fire Stop
Code Section(s): BC 1704.25
Minimum Qualifications: Primary Inspector or Inspection Supervisor. 

  • PE or RA; and
  • 1 year relevant experience
Supplemental Inspector (Alternative 1)

  • Bachelor’s degree in Architecture or Engineering; and
  • 2 years relevant experience
Supplemental Inspector (Alternative 2)

  • Technician with 3 years relevant experience.