Exterior Insulation Finish Systems

EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finish Systems)

BC 1704.12

1704.12 Exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS). Spe­cial inspections shall be required for all EIFS applications installed more than 15 feet (4572 mm)‡ above adjacent fin­ished grades.

1704.12.1 The special inspection shall include verification of: compliance with approved construction documents for attachment to structure, installation of waterproofing mem­branes, weeps, drains, mold prevention features and confor­mance with the manufacturers’ installation guidelines.

Special Inspection: Exterior Insulation Fire Systems (EIFS)
Code Section(s): BC 1704.12
Minimum Qualifications: Primary Inspector or Inspection Supervisor.
a. PE or RA; and
b. 1 year relevant experience
Supplemental Inspector (Alternative 1), N/A
Supplemental Inspector (Alternative 2)
a. Technician with 2 years relevant experience